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My name is Spiro Xenos

Spiro Xenos, president of Acropolis Custom Marble and Granite Inc.
The year 1977 will always be a special year...
It's the year I came from my homeland Greece to the U.S. It's also when I started to establish my name in the Midwest as Master Marble Craftsman/Artist.
  • It started when I was nine years old in Greece, surrounded by beautiful temples and ruins that my love for marble and natural stones came about. In Greece, one works in this field for 14 years, not 4 years as required here in America before they are even considered to be titled as Master Marble Craftsman/artist.
  • Since working here in the U.S., for so many years and on so many different jobs, I can say that there is hardly a craftsman who possesses the artistic quality and skills that I carry with me from Greece. I am not trying to boast of my talents but my work comes from my heart as well as my hands.
  • Once this was truly a dying art form - but in today's world it's now in high demand again. Please allow us the opportunity to bring a part of the beauty and elegance into your lives through the reflections of our work.

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