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Carnival Cruise Line Project

5 men, 5 days,
12,000 sq. feet installed!


We specialize in same day tear out and installation of beautiful granite countertops. Don’t be fooled by synthetic manmade or imitation quartz hard surfaces, filled partially with glues and granite chips or dust, or the types of tops that are installed over existing countertops.  Beware the claims for" do it yourself”, “no mess” or “cheaper” counter tops.

 "Absolutely no hidden charges!" 
 Be aware that “per square foot” prices quoted in ads of other companies may not include, for example, the cost for tear out of existing counters or floors, sink and faucet cut outs, edge detailing, delivery and so forth.  These “Hidden Charges” drive up your actual final price per square foot.

 We prefer to be straight forward and show you all costs, up front, so that there aren’t any budget surprises!  Our estimators will give you a quote, in writing, showing you exactly what will be the final charges for the agreed upon job.

 We’ve learned through our many years in the business that this is the way Customers like to be treated – honestly and fairly. 

Once you have made your decision and selected our company – RELAX.

 You are receiving the professional expertise of a true old world Greek Artisan, something no other company in our area can offer - over forty years of DAILY hands-on skills, originally acquired from the masters in GreeceWe will make your remodel or new project a beautiful creation from start to finish... 

 At the end of the project you will marvel at the artistic creation Acropolis Custom Marble and Granite, Inc. has performed for you. You will remember the local Greek artist and his company - how they went out of their way to please and how they gave you a little bit of his country's aura in the beautiful finished work in your beautiful home.

There is nothing more beautiful than real, solid granite. We deliver and install with the utmost care – yielding longevity and true beauty for years to come!  Do your research and we know you will find that we are the only company with as many years in our trade in St.Louis.

No other company can even come close to the experience our owner Spiro has. Since 1977 he has established the reputation of doing the utmost best in this demanding field.  No other company in our area can compare. Anyone can sell but the truth remains: Spiro has worked with marble and granite since the age of nine and his installers are trained to be the best in the city.

 Our customers expect the best and we deliver! 


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