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Welcome to our KSDK Viewers   !


We Are Happy To Be Of Help To Our Customers....
Providing Expertise, Knowledge And Skill.

Serving this area for over 30 years, Acropolis is known for performing the work on natural stone that old world masters in the craft possess. This knowledge is a dying art form, but Acropolis incorporates it with the demand of the industry and with the skills we are able to offer. Spiro is our city’s last remaining master craftsman in this trade and, since the age of 9, no one has compared to Spiro's knowledge and expertise.







At Acropolis we offer affordable natural stone, which delivers beauty like no other. The saying is true, "you get what you pay for!" These days, it’s all about imitation, which does not compare to the beauty and lifetime of natural stone. We provide our customers more for their dollar than any other competitor. Consumers, do your homework.

Granite and natural stone withstands heat, stains, and the test of time. Research, read, and realize what a better value is for your dollar, your home, and your enjoyment.

Wouldn't you want an expert to do your project?

42 years of handling stone, has earned Spiro unsurpassed expertise in this trade. Starting from nothing, Spiro dreamed of working with stone. After years of hard work, those dreams became a reality. With the help of Spiro's wife, Anna, and their family, they have developed new ways to make Acropolis grow. The most recent addition to Acropolis’ team is Spiro and Anna’s son, Tony. After returning from college, Tony has helped create a "new wave" of the stone market by implementing his education and know-how. By being a family business, you are getting treated like family!

Please visit our web site for information, education, and comparisons of granite and marble. We will not sell you with gimmicks or pitches; like so many industries do...We sell on our experience, expertise, and our years of service. We also have excellent references!

What Spiro at first thought was becoming a lost art has had a re-birth in an affluent society. He was called upon to design and install much of the flooring in the west wing of the St. Louis Art Museum in 1986; met all deadlines and supervised all the marble work during construction of the St. Louis Galleria; designed and installed the beautiful marble in the Hyatt Regency lobby at Union Station; and crafted the green marble bases for the signature horses at the Adams Mark hotel. Most recently, Spiro has gained national acclaim by being on HGTV's Modern Masters TV show.

Acropolis is a one-stop shop, offering counter tops, sinks and even fixtures for your projects. We have our own employees that are trained to help you reduce cost in your planning.

Customers, when wanting to add value to your home, select natural beauty and the expertise beyond compare!


A Note from Anna Xenos

Welcome to my Web Site AcropolisMarble.com.  I would like to tell you a bit about my husband's and my company in the hopes that you will consider Acropolis Marble for your next project.

We have always provided Old World quality and True Expert Craftsmanship, under the guidance of the St. Louis area's only  Master Marble and Granite Craftsman and Industry Trades Artist - my husband - Spiros Xenos. We cannot believe it has been almost 30 years since we started the company and we're extremely proud of all the projects that our customers have entrusted to us over the years.
Spiros grew up in Greece surrounded by the temples and artifacts of the high Grecian Age. At the age of 9 Spiros began a 14 year apprenticeship earning the title of Master Marble Craftsman /Artist.  There are very few craftsmen in the US that can claim the combined artistic quality, skills, and experience that Spiros will bring to your project.
His work comes from the heart as well as the hands.

To this we have added the best of the new world technologies.

We have recently acquired two CNC machines for our shop.  These machines will give your project accurate cuts and edge trims - as well as much faster availability for job site installation. This technology, when combined with Spiro's skills honed over years of working with stone daily (the most hands-on time of anyone in the St. Louis area), gives Acropolis Marble the ability to offer you outstanding Professionalism and Quality and extremely competitive prices!

Quality, Service and Great Prices !

Obviously, Acropolis Marble has done something right for the company to grow as it has! We always emphasize Quality First.
We work with beautiful materials and we firmly believe they deserve the best of workmanship.  We want you to share our pride in the quality and beauty of your project.
What may not be immediately apparent to a Customer is the “behind the scenes” care we take with your project. Each of our projects and each of our craftsmen are under the personal guidance of Spiros. We work hard to provide our shop workmen with a safe environment. In addition, Acropolis Marble is proud to be able to say that it is in compliance with government and the Marble Institute of America's guidelines for a fabrication shop. We have invited them in to tour our facility, reviewing layout, efficiency and processes start to finish. We are also proud to say we are up to par with our daily safety procedures.

Acropolis Marble is dedicated to Quality Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction.
We assure anyone that is considering Acropolis Marble that they can be at ease knowing that we will give their project our full attention to detail from start to finish. We realize the importance of our clients’ satisfaction to our ongoing success.

We are proud of our advertising on KSDK's 2007 Homeowner's How To campaign .
We are the only granite company advertising with KSDK all year in this campaign – we are proud of our business and want more people to understand that there is a choice for Quality, Service and Price in the greater St. Louis area.

In summary,

We want all new customers to be assured that they are getting the best of Old World craftsmanship and New World technologies.

Our years of skill, experience and devotion to quality are unique in this market.

Want the best for your project?

Choose Acropolis Marble.

Thank you,

Anna Xenos



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