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Where do you get the best pricing and the most beautiful natural stones ?
The Acropolis Custom Marble and Granite Company

We do it all. We offer our customers a single source option. We not only supply the stone, but also have the facilities to perform all the actual fabrication and installation on the job site - thus cutting your costs tremendously. Avoid the costly middle men.

We are suppliers of stones from all over the world. We also fabricate what is needed by the customer , architect, builder, contractor and designer. We then install the beautiful finished product in the agreed upon time frame - in the most professional way known to the industry.
We offer to all customers the utmost in expertise. There are very few who can match our skills and training. The title of Master Marble Craftsman Trades Artist, held by Spiros Xenos, can only be earned by those who have 14 years of study in art of this trade, not just the 2 - 4 years as required by U.S. standards.

The unsurpassed knowledge that Spiro Xenos has is a perfect match for your priceless investment in natural stone. Whatever your requirements, we'll have your project done exquisitely and professionally. You will appreciate the perfection in detail and quality of workmanship - as shown by one who has practiced the trade since the time he was a 6 year old in Greece. It is Spiros, and the expert workmanship he has trained his employees to utilize, that holds our customers. They recognize the great workmanship and the treatment Spiros shows them. You will find that the true expert expert in the area's natural stone industry is Spiros Xenos of ACROPOLIS CUSTOM MARBLE AND GRANITE, Inc.

There is nothing so devastating as seeing an expensive job gone wrong. And believe it, we have been called on to repair many jobs done incorrectly by others. We cannot understand the poor workmanship done and how it gets past the customer. Sometimes you do get what you pay for in this industry and then again it is NOT the company who charges you the most that is also the best at what they advertise to do. The most important factor is the knowledge that the person behind the work has. The artistic talent is what you want to be looking for - not just another marble layer or tile setter. 

Sprios has the years of expert experience in the detailing of edgework of using 1 1/4" standard thick granite material.   Acropolis was the first company in the year 2000 that started using standard thickness of all jobs quotes be quoted with the 1 1/4" standard thickness, of granite, and then  guess what? Every other company had to conform to that short phased  monopoly of what this company brought to the table which was... offering thicker and sturdier stone for the best price to the community and  to strive to  eliminate the seams on the edge profiles customers picked out to be done. Although ours were undetected it was better to have a smoother finish. Thus cutting fabrication time brought the price to where it was much affordable thanks to our son's brainstorming to find a way to offer the community something great for less. It was not the industry alone that lowered prices due to demand of number of overall jobs  nationally being done, it is the great financial skills our company brainstormed to take all aspects of the areas industry together with the national industry's pricing and to honestly point out, it wasn't only determined that pricing has dropped because of the national numbers, it is because our company marketed out pricing, because we were able to and still are able to, offer the area the lowest pricing together with the national pricing, When you take the the pricing of national Marble and Granite Industry's pricing for the last ten years, the general pricing of many stones have remained pretty much the same standard pricing. It is what each fabricator can sell their stone supply they get for and since we stock much of our own supply we can offer much lower pricing. We do not have overwhelming overhead as many new start up companies have. Granted, the price  has always depended on supply in demand, where a certain color can be ordered from,  quality of lots of stone imported, and also on overall job scope, sink cutouts, edge profiles, etc etc   That is why first choice in buying stone would be from our warehouse, of course work is performed there and it is a little dusty, but that would be the best cost factor to you not saying that  if you go to our supplier in city, it will be so much of a difference, WE TRY TO STRIVE TO KEEP YOUR COST DOWN AS MUCH AS WE CAN,  but depending on the stones wanted and selected, these factors to affect overall pricing, We always strive to sell our stock first, which the biggest discounts overall are given.  But then again, as stated before.....There are a lot of factors involved in this business so beware of companies that will state so much a square foot installed pricing. That may sound good, but add all the hidden costs, the extra for time for edge detailing, backsplashes, how high? any added pieces,  the sink sizes for the cutouts, the edge on the sinks rim if under mount, do all sides of the top need edge profiling, is the sheet of granite big enough to be one piece installed or are there going to be seams, etc etc etc, Always beware when something in this business sounds too good to be true price wise in an advertisement  !!!!!!!!! It does change once all these factors are added. This is a very skilled art form and not just anyone can master what Spiro has mastered over the past 41 years hands on daily! So who is really working on your stone job? And how long do they have behind the skill? Has it been forty one years as Spiro has? We don't think so, no one has that many years and with the same knowledge he possesses, the aura from his homeland, Greece. He came here when he was twenty, and had already had eleven years daily experience in the field. Who else in this country can say they have had the same knowledge? We have never met anyone in our area that has, That should jolt you into asking questions to these other companies that claim they can do expert work, So how many years qualify work to be classified EXPERT CRAFTSMANSHIP AND SKILLED KNOWLEDGE,  according to what standards? There are none stated anywhere within the industry here, but Spiro's credentials are  known and if anyone should be and expert he would take the title more than anyone else in our area and well documented with his skills and years behind his  true expertise. NO other company can even compare to this claim of expertise within their institution or workers and again,  we ask, "So who do you have doing this demanding and detailed work for your project?"


Spiro is the one you need for ultimate satisfaction and no worry for the money you are investing. We pride ourselves in the ability to handle, with ease, the workload and the meeting of deadlines - with minimal problems.

Time is so precious to everyone in these times of stress and enough worry, so why not eliminate both from your life when remodeling. This is why ACROPOLIS CUSTOM MARBLE AND GRANITE, Inc. is so well recognized. We build our customer relationships on trust. This is why we have so many long term clients. We find they value their experience with us and rely on our expertise. They are truly impressed with the knowledge of our employees and our level of service to the customer.

Once the job is started our clients boast of Spiro's competitive cost breakdowns, his overseeing of all job aspects and the fact that all is done to his level of perfection - and that he stays on top of all work performed in shop and on the field. They appreciate all the little extras tied in with his dealings with his new and regular clients.

We strive to be the company that has the best communication link with it's builder, contractor, architect , designer, as well as off the street walk ins. The company understands those independent customers also. They are important to us.

Customer Satisfaction has always been and will always be the object of first priority for ACROPOLIS CUSTOM MARBLE AND GRANITE, Inc. We feel it shows in our growing number of new and repeat customers and the recognition we receive. We are referenced by word of month as well as from the numerous magazine articles we are featured in nationally and locally and the television shows and radio shows we are featured on. We are proud to be referred by contacts within the building/construction/design industry as well the very prominent clients whose homes we have done through the years. When you are good at what you do there is no escaping the recognition of being "The best !"

were created and dedicated over 6,000 years ago to the God's of that civilization as gifts of beauty and security - allow yourself to recognize the talents of another true Greek artist of modern times. Spiro Xenos and his skilled professionals were trained in Greece from the time they were children in the field of expertise marble and granite fabrication and installation.
Once you have seen the work done by Acropolis Custom Marble and Granite Inc. you will know why they are recognized in the natural stone industry as true professionals.
Spiro Xenos carries the credentials of Master Marble Craftsman Trade Artist and has been serving the greater Missouri area since he first arrived here from Greece in 1977.
To all who have used our services we salute you, and to all who have not, we invite you to visit our web site, see our showroom, and pick from over 900 different colors of marble and granites imported into the United States yearly from all over the world. If we do not stock the color of your choice, we will get it.

Acropolis Custom Marble and Granite Inc.,- Unsurpassed skills in Fireplaces, Floors, Walls, Sills, Pedestals, Conference Tables, Furniture, Handmade Creations, Repairs and Restorations.


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